UPDATE: 15/02/17

Further to our update of 10th February 2017 on the privatisation of Limassol Port, the latest information on the situation is as follows:

  • On 14th February 2017 trailer truck drivers gathered at the entrance of the port at around 10am, blocking vehicles from passing through.  The drivers were protesting over the long delay in transferring containers and generally the slow service at the port since the privatisation on 29thJanuary 2017.

  • After a long meeting which ended at 20.30 on 14th February 2017, between the trailer truck drivers and EuroGate (the new container terminal majority owner and manager), along with the Minister of Transportation, a deal was struck that would take effect Wednesday 15th February 2017.
  • It was agreed that certain measures would be taken immediately and other measures that were to be implemented over a three (3) month period would be implemented sooner, over a two (2) month period.
  • The immediate measures to be taken were:
  • The container terminal would start operating from 06.00 in the morning and a third shift introduced so that the container terminal would be operational on a 24-hour basis;
  • Empty containers and reefer containers would not wait in line to enter the terminal;
  • Eleven (11) machines for loading/unloading of full containers and three (3) machines for empty containers from trucks would be supplied to the port;
  • Full containers and empty containers would be handled in separate areas of the port.
  • In addition, a larger space had been requested by the new private port management from the Cyprus Port Authority to better distribute freight.
  • In the general cargo area of the port, the port workers have given DP World (the new marine services port majority owner and manager) until 31st March 2017 to iron out problems, in particular the split of responsibilities.  The issue is that port workers have now been limited to loading and unloading ships whilst DP World is now responsible for land operations.  Previous to the privatisation, these responsibilities were split between port workers and porters (a position no longer in existence since the privatisation).

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