Following the destruction caused by the explosion in the port of Beirut on 4th August 2020, the container terminal (which remarkably remained largely unaffected by the blast) has resumed its operations with a number of containerships having already berthed at the said terminal, discharged their cargo and sailed therefrom. More vessels are expected to call at the container terminal in Beirut in the upcoming weeks. Efforts are being made by the port authorities to receive cargo ships and bulk carriers by cleaning the remaining three undamaged quays. However, given the substantial damage sustained by the port facilities, the cargo will need to be offloaded onto trucks using the vessels’ own gear or the shore cranes that have survived the blast and arrangements must be made for its storage since the storage area at the port has been fully demolished, whereas the Customs Authorities have opened offices in warehouse No. 14 (which was partially damaged by the explosion) and are hoping to be fully operational again within the forthcoming days. The port of Beirut remains under the control of the army.

The remaining Lebanese ports have had to lay the groundwork to compensate for vessels arriving to Lebanon, with a number of containerships diverting to Tripoli and the port of Sidon receiving two ships loaded with 11,000 MT of wheat each. Nevertheless, as stated above, considerable efforts are now concentrated on the partial re-operation of the port of Beirut.

In light of the above, we strongly recommend that Owners and Charterers, prior to fixing their vessels to Lebanon, contact their local agents on the possibility, functionality, speed and quality of the operations at the ports.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our Lebanon office is operating normally and the contact details are:

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